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Privacy Policy

1. Collect and use information of Futuretel

Futuretel only collects basic types of information related to the service:
This information is used for the purpose of order processing, service quality improvement, market research, marketing activities, customer care, internal management or as required by law. Customers can from time to time revise the information provided to ensure full enjoyment of the rights that futuretel offers to their Customers.

Futuretel is committed to:

Customer's personal information is used properly for the purpose of collection and provision;
All collection and use of the collected information of the Customer is through the opinion of the Customer
Only use the information provided by the Customer to Futuretel, do not use the Customer's information known by other means;
Time to store and secure information:
Only allow the following subjects to access Customer information:
Not for marketing communications only for internal records with customer consent
Persons performing the provision of services and services from Futuretel at the request of the Customer;
Customer care providers have used Futuretel's goods and services;
The person receiving and handling customer inquiries during the use of Futuretel's goods and services;
Competent State agencies:
During the process of introducing, advertising and caring for the Customer, the Customer can completely send a request to stop using information in the corresponding way that the Customer's promotional activities, advertising and customer care activities send to the Customer. row.

2. How to keep information confidential
The confidentiality of the information provided by the Customer is based on the compliance of each Futuretel officer, employee, partner and data storage system. In the event that the information storage server is attacked by hacker resulting in the loss of Client's personal data, Futuretel will be responsible for informing the investigating authorities to promptly handle and notify the Client. Are known. However, due to the characteristics of the internet environment, not a single data on the network environment can be 100% secure. Therefore, Futuretel does not make sure that the information received from the Customer is absolutely confidential.

3. Customer's responsibility to keep confidential information

Customers please only provide the correct and sufficient information as requested by Futuretel, especially avoid providing information related to the bank account when information is not encrypted in online payment transactions or other sensitive information. Customer is solely responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided and is solely responsible for providing information beyond the request.

In case the Client provides his personal information to many different organizations and individuals, the Client must ask related parties to keep confidentiality. All personal information of the Customer, when disclosed, causing damage to the Customer, the Customer must determine by himself the source of the disclosure. Futuretel is not responsible when Customer information is disclosed without proper grounds to show that Futuretel is the disclosing party.

Customer does not gain unauthorized access to Futuretel's database or computer system, does not support the intrusion or destruction of the normal operation of Futuretel website and e-commerce application. Customers will be responsible for their illegal acts.

Customers maintain their own login accounts on Futuretel e-commerce sites and applications.
Futuretel is not responsible for the disclosure of Customer's information if the Customer fails to comply with the above requirements.
Futuretel is the focal point to receive, resolve and coordinate with customers to resolve complaints, disputes between customers and related parties during the use of the Service.

4. Laws apply when disputes occur
Any disputes occurring between the Client and Futuretel will be mediated. If the mediation is unsuccessful, it will be resolved in a competent court and in compliance with Vietnamese laws.