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8 Reasons You Should Rent A Pocket WiFi for Your Trip to Vietnam

Why rent a pocket WiFi hotspot when you travel to Vietnam? Reasons are: Security, reliability, and cost.

A pocket WiFi hotspot provides you with a secure network with your own unique password. You aren’t restricted to local network session limitations and having to reenter your password continuously. One pocket WiFi serves all your smart devices (e.g., phones, iPads, laptops, and Kindles). No outrageous data roaming charges!

Benefits of a Y54U Pocket WiFi Hotspot:

1. A Pocket WiFi router supports up to 6 devices at one time so you can easily accommodate each person in your traveling party.
2. A pocket wifi hotspot is small and lightweight. Since it doesn’t take up much space, you can toss it into your day bag while you are out and about or even discreetly in your shirt pocket.
3. You can use a pocket wifi hotspot to check your email and social media and post your vacation pictures. Use it for quick research to find directions to local attractions.
4. A pocket wifi hotspot gives you peace of mind. You have a secure network – no need to use an unsecured public network or rely on the hotel’s network.
5. A pocket wifi hotspot can attach your Android smart phone, iPhone, iPad, laptop, or Kindle.
6. A pocket wifi hotspot works anywhere you are – whether on a train, in a taxi, on a river cruise, at the beach, or just out and about.
7. A pocket wifi hotspot is easy to use (you just turn it on).
8. A pocket wifi hotspot comes ready to use so you can connect any device anywhere with 3G/ 4G speeds.
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Visit Vietnam, Connect Y54U!