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WiFi for travelers

WiFi access is not available anywhere we travel, while 3G connection consumes lots of battery energy. Recently, a pocket WiFi rental service was launched in HCMC.

Y54U is a rental pocket WiFi allowing travelers to connect to the Internet during their trips in the destination countries. The device uses a data SIM which utilizes the 3G/4G provided by MobiFone Global wherever it is available.

According to Ms. Le Thi Thu Lan, Project Director, the device enables the bandwidth up to 7.2 Mbps. By beginning of 2017, the device will utilize 4G technology, allowing download speed up to 70 Mbps and upload speed up to 30 Mbps. A Y54U Kit consists of a main device providing WiFi hotspot, 3G/4G data SIM with unlimited data and a charger. The WiFi hotspot device has a USB port compatible with all Android chargers so customers no need to worry about running out of high speed or battery energy. The data SIM is exclusively provided by Mobifone and the connection speed will not be throttled like other WiFi services.

An Android phone integrated with a 3G SIM can be a WiFi hotspot but the feature will drain the phone’s battery quickly. Bringing along a smartphone or laptop is important for travelers regardless of how heavy or light the belongings are. Is there a WiFi access in my destination place? A lot of people are concerned about Internet connection when traveling. "I want to tell my friends and family at home how beautiful the place I am traveling over the Internet. Share with them anything interesting about the place, such as the people, food and culture. Without Internet, it is so boring”, said Ms Nguyen Thu Huyen, a Vietnamese who live in France. Mr Edmonde Grey, an Australian tourist, comments that finding Internet connection is not difficult but to have a secure and fast Internet access needs a distinct commercial Internet service.

The price offered for the rental service of the Y54U is US $6 per day for 1 complete device set, equivalent to 138,000 VND per day. The Y54U hotspot allows the connection of up to 6 electronic devices simultaneously within the radius of 20 meters from the device for strong signal. Customers can visit Y54U store to register the rental service located at Arrival Hall, Tan Son Nhat International Airport or order online at website: http://y54u.com

(Source: Saigontiepthi)