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Live Stream

What is Live Streaming? Why the big companies such as Facebook, Youtube develop it? How is it possible to create a great revolution in the world of technology. Let's learn through history with Y54U about the formation and development of the Live Stream.

According to Wikipedia, Live Streaming or Streaming is a term referring to the content that is transmitted directly through the Internet. It requires users to have a communication devices (Camcorder Video, audio transmission system, screen capture software), an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher and a content delivery network to distribute and provide content.

In 1991, the first webcam came into being when the students at the University of Cambridge "accidentally" created Webcams just to check the amount of coffee in a coffee jar. Interestingly, the camera was shutdown on the day 22.08.2001.

With the birth of the Internet in the 80s of the 20th century, along with the explosion of Internet chat movement known as "Chat" Live through popular applications like Yahoo Messenger, the Web has become more popular.

In 1999, mobile phone named VP-210 Kyocera from Japan, is the first mobile phone that supports video calls. When 3G-integrated mobile networks were introduced, two mobile phones and NEC E606 Sony Ericson Z1010 were launched in 2003 that featured video calls but the feature was deemed unnecessary then. By 2010, Apple launched the iPhone 4 with FaceTime feature has set a standard for video calls.

In 2007, the first Live Stream service was used by US soldiers to talk live with relatives. In fact, it was the only channel using the Web to transmit images and sound to the user. It has grown very fast.

Twitch Tv was created in 2011. This is an extremely popular Stream channel for people in gaming who would like to share gaming moments. Amazon bought it for $970 million in 2014.

2016: It can be said that a boom in the Stream, where the giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, .. are racing Live Stream on Smartphone technology. Twitter has acquired tools Live Stream supposedly most prominent Periscope early 2015, Facebook launched Facebook Live Stream allows users to video and posted on its newfeed, Google launched YouTube that lets users to watch live video and even broadcast live. Since then, it has created a new wave with the number of users large Stream.

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