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How did Hanoi people celebrate Tet festival in 100 years ago?

Dong Xuan market in Lunar year eve.

Hang Khoai street. The street sold sweet potatoes, it is "khoai" in Vietnemese. So do you know why we named Hang Khoai.

The boys sell peach blossoms in Dong Xuan market.

Pots of daffodils, a popular holiday decoration in Hanoi. The best ones blossom on Lunar New Year's Eve.

Farmers bring oranges to the city center. The sweet,juicy fruit remains a main part of traditionaltrays each family prepares during the holiday.

Rolls of the big greendong(Phrynium placentarium) leavesfor wrappingbanh chung, the holiday sticky rice cake stuffed with pork and mung beans

A father and sondryand moldbanh chunginto shape after boiling them for hours. Making the cake used to be a fun part of the holiday but not many people have the time or space to do it now.

Calligraphy painters on Hang Bo Street.

A man tends his bonsai to decorate the house duringTet.

A family dresses up on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Flower pots and calligraphy decorations at awealthy family's home.

ATetphoto features four generations of a family.

Visits to temples were a crucial part of the holiday, as they still arenow.
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