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Five Tips for Taking Professional Quality Property Photos with Your Smartphone


Do you know the best camera you have is the one in your pocket? And there are a few simple and proven tricks to improve your shots.

Here are five simple ways to take great property photos with your smartphone:

Avoid the "Golden Hour” – This is the time when the sun’s glare shines right through windows and muddles the exposure, whitewashing the photo and removing any visible detail. To avoid this, try to schedule shoots for midday when the light is softer and not shining directly through windows.

Abide by the rule of thirds – This is composition 101 and aligning your photo in this way is more visually appealing to buyers. For example, if you’re shooting inside, the floor, middle of the room, and ceiling should all represent a third of the photo. Keep in mind that the main focal points fall in the middle, so if possible, capture something interesting there, like a nice backsplash.

Keep your focal planes flat – This is probably the top offender when it comes to bad real estate photos because unsteady camera angles can make rooms appear warped. Luckily, this can all be remedied with a mini tripod to keep your camera vertically aligned. In fact, consider a tripod non-negotiable. It helps stabilize your shots and it’s insurance against blurry photos. Look for a 60-inch tripod with a mount. This way you don’t have to use a table or chair to elevate your phone.

Shoot from the corners – This will help you get the widest possible angle of the room, making it appear bigger. Potential buyers can also see how the rooms connect, giving people a better frame of reference as to how they’ll be living within the property.

Get low: Resist the urge to get high-up in the corner and point down, especially in small spaces, like a bathroom. This will make the photo look distorted. Shoot from 3-4 feet above the ground to achieve the most natural view of the room.

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