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Bus from Tan Son Nhat airport to downtown

The service, available between 5:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. the next day, connects popular sites, including Ben Thanh Market and the backpackers' area.

It costs VND20,000 (88 US cents) to complete the 10.5-kilometer journey that ends at September 23 Park in 45 minutes. Those who travel less than half of the distance only pay VND12,000 (53 cents).

There is a bus every 15-20 minutes.

Key Bus Stations and Transfer Points.

For tourists wanting to get to the main sights around Ho Chi Minh City, the bus station near Ben Thanh Market will be the most useful hub. The station is right across the roundabout from Ben Thanh Market and is called Ga HKXB Sai Gon. The actual address is Pham Ngu Lao Street.

Popular Routes for Tourists

Bus to Ho Chi Minh Airport (Tan Son Nhat)

Route 152 – This bus to Ho Chi Minh Airport is air-conditioned and the cheapest way to and from the city from Tan Son Nhat if you travel before 6 pm. The new Shuttle Bus (see above) has much broader hours of operation and is almost as cheap, especially if you have luggage. The cost is 6,000 VND (~30 cents) per person plus a fee for bags that varies from about 4000 VND for a smaller bag to 14 000 VND (70 cents) for two larger ones. The Airport is Stop 36, Ben Thanh Market Stop 13 and Pham Ngu Lao-Bui Vien area, Stop 12.

Upon exiting the airport, turn right and you will see the bus waiting there. If not, walk down to the domestic terminal – about a 5-minute walk. The bus waits across a small road. There is no signage indicating where the bus stop is.

Other Handy Bus Routes

Route 38, – New World Hotel (The stop (nr 8) is in Nguyen Thi Nghia) near Ben Thanh Market to Damsen Water Park (Last Stop)

Routes 35– Ben Thanh Market to the Jade Emperor Pagoda. Get off at stop 29 at 87 Dien Ben Phu just before Victoria Healthcare. Cross the road and walk down the other side of the street (against the traffic) until you reach Mai Thi Luu and turn left.

Route 18 – Ben Thanh Market to Saigon Zoo. Get off at stop 13 on Le Duan, at Sofitel Plaza. Walk straight up the street to reach the main entrance.

Route 1 – Ben Thanh Market to Cholon (District 5 -China Town)

Route 102 – Ben Thanh Market to District 4 – Dragon House Wharf and the Ho Chi Minh Museum. The bus stop is on the corner of Pham Hong Thai and Le Lai street rather than the actual Ben Thanh bus station.The museum is about a 450m walk from stop 5, (first stop over the canal). Walk straight towards the river. Cross over Nguyen That Tan and turn left.

Routes 65 will get you close to the Saigon Train Station from Ben Thanh Market, but you’ll still have a little bit of a walk. Get off at stop 10 or 11 on Cach Mang Thang Tam.

Hopefully, some of you, especially those of you on limited budgets, will find this information useful in getting around Ho Chi Minh City. The bus system, including the bus to Ho Chi Minh airport, provides a cheap and reliable way to get around the city. Sacrifice a few creature comforts and you are guaranteed a genuinely local experience.