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The most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Located off the coast of Kien Giang, Phu Quoc Island is a favorite of tourists who enjoy the beauty of peace, quiet and unspoiled stretches of beaches, pristine forests, crystal clear springs, cool cold.

To Phu Quoc, in addition to swimming, walking in the night market, the company exploring the famous pearl farming, you can also visit the scenic spots such as Dinh Cau, Sao Beach, Long beach, myrtle forest, pepper, fish sauce production facility.

There are two means to Phu Quoc, flights Hanoi / Saigon - Phu Quoc or ride from Saigon - Ha Tien and Phu Quoc on board. Cost a three day two night trip in the island about 4-6 million.

Not hard to imagine the beautiful Nha Trang beach,. Nha Trang welcomes tourists with Ponagar splendid waterfalls, Ninh Van Bay beautiful ; Hon Mun poetic, Vinpearland amenities, Oceanographic Institute, etc.

Besides, you can also register to participate in advocacy activities snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking.

Located off the coast of Vung Tau province and was known as "hell on earth", but now Con Dao became the "haven of rest" with domestic travelers and international.

Con Dao is endowed with a perfect beauty with blue sea and white sandy beaches with calm weather all year round. Con Dao people believe, this is the offset that God intended for Con Dao after the suffering that this country has in its history. Con Dao pretty small so walking or biking is ideal for sightseeing and relax in a quiet peaceful setting, blend between the rolling hills and vast blue sea.

Nam Du Island of Kien Giang province, this is a beautiful island, untouched and are hot nowadays. Nam Du is beautiful beaches with fine sand, blue sea and lush green coconut trees along the beach. Here there is a coral reef abundant with many species of colorful fish so that you can admire.

Located away from the city of Quy Nhon approximately 25km, Ky Co beach has a wild beauty that few people know about. When visitors go to this place will find a vacation sitting caves and eating.

Because no one lived this place so it was quite clean and pristine, the landscape in this place looks very majestic.